1. How do I make an Appointment?

To make appointment for Consultation with our Consultants who sit in our Out-patient Departments, please call our hotline 10666 from any phone anywhere in the country or you can call in our Appointment Desk landline (02) 8115951, (02) 8125108; you can call in these numbers to make appointment for any investigations or procedures as well.

2. Do you have Consultants available in Al-Helal Specialized Hospital Ltd. for 24 hours?

In out-patient department, to provide Consultation services, our Consultants are available from 7am till 9pm on weekdays (Saturday to Thursday); of course the time varies from Consultant to Consultant; in Friday as well we have few Consultants sitting their OPD. To know details as per your choice of Consultant, please call in our  hotline number 10666 from any phone anywhere in the country or you can call in our Appointment Desk landline (02) 8115951, (02) 8125108.

3. Do you have any telephone facilities for the patients who are admitted in your hospital?

Yes, we have telephone facilities for admitted patients only for some specific room categories

4. What are the phone numbers of your hospital for one should call during Emergency?

To avail our emergency facility and ambulance service, please call in the following numbers:

Emergency Hotline (from any phone anywhere in the country): 10666

Ambulance:  01914 001234

5. Who can I call for assistance in the hospital during odd hours or on holidays?

For enquiries within the hospital during odd hours and on holidays, please call our Duty Manager at 01711…. For any enquiry about any clinical condition of any admitted patient, please call Clinical Coordinators at 01914001310 who are available in the hospital 24/7; they are doctors and they can answer your queries about any admitted patient.

6. Do I need to do a registration to avail any service at Al-Helal Specialized Hospital Ltd.?

Yes, all patients are required to register first to avail any service at Al-Helal Specialized Hospital Ltd. and the registration charge is BDT 200 (once in lifetime). Since all our patients’ information are stored as Electronic Medical Health Record, for availing any service like Doctors’ Consultation, Investigation, Vaccination, Procedure, Dressing, Admission, etc the patient needs to register first to get a PID (patient identification) number.

7. I work in an organization, which happens to be a Corporate Client of Al-Helal Specialized Hospital Ltd.What benefits I will get as a Corporate Client of Al-Helal Specialized Hospital Ltd. ?

Following benefits are given to Corporate Clients

  • Priority service in getting hassle free appointment in Consultation and Investigation, Ambulance support
  • Discount facilities in Room Rent (if admitted), Radiology & Imaging and Laboratory investigations

8. How will I make an insurance claim?

First please check whether you have GOP (Guarantee of Payment) letter issued by your Insurance Company to avail the specific service that you have come for (either in OPD or IPD). Also check whether your insurance company has any formal agreement with Al-Helal Specialized Hospital Ltd., being enlisted makes the job faster. As a note of authentication, during the time of service, you need to show your Health Card and GOP issued by your Insurance Company.

9. Does the hospital offer any spiritual services?

For the Male Muslims the prayer room is located at the ground floor in the hospital lobby just besides Blood Bank and for the Female at 1st floor beside the Ultrasonography wing.

11. What kind of food services is available in the hospital?

Guest Cafeteria of Al-Helal Specialized Hospital Ltd. is open 24 hours every day. It is located at the ground floor of the hospital. The Cafeteria offers hygienic and delicious meal options, including vegetarian choices, local and continental cuisine, salads, snacks, grills, ice-creams, milk shake, and fresh juices. For admitted patients, breakfast, lunch and dinner including all other food items are prepared in our in-house kitchen.

12. Is there any ATM machine available within the hospital premises?

Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd (DBBL) & Brac Bank Ltd, ATM booths are available at Ground Floor (Lobby) of Al-Helal Specialized Hospital beside OPD Pharmacy.

13. Is there any pharmacy within the hospital premises?

Pharmacy is available at the Ground floor (Lobby) of Al-Helal Specialized Hospital Ltd. which remains open for 24hours a day & 7 days a week. To know more visit:

14. Is there a mortuary in the hospital?

Yes we have, to view details please click the link https://www.—.com/al-helal/services/mortuary

15. What is the visiting hour to meet the patients who are admitted in the hospital?

Visiting Hours for Cabin & Ward: 12:30pm to 02:00pm & 05:30pm to 08:30pm; for ICU & CCU: 12:30pm to 02:00pm & 05:30pm to 07:30pm

 16. Can I bring flowers/food for the patient while visiting?

For infection control and for safety of patient, bringing in any kind of flower and food from outside the hospital is prohibited.

 17. Is smoking allowed anywhere in the Hospital premises?

Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the Hospital premises

18. Does the hospital provide health information brochures/leaflets?

Yes, for awareness and better understanding about hospital facilities, disease and treatment options, Al-Helal Specialized Hospital Ltd. provides brochures, leaflets, cards in Bangla and English and also displays festoon and banners.

19. Where can I make my enquiries?

To make enquiries, please call our hotline 10666 from any phone anywhere in the country or you can call in our Appointment Desk landline (02)9852466; you can also send mail to info@www.—.com and further you can post your query on our Facebook—

20. Where can I send my feedback or complaint?

A feedback/comment form is given to patients and their attendants in out-patient and in-patient area, where you can write down your feedback or recommendation. These are kept in a sealed box to be addressed by concerned authorities. Further to submit your feedback and complaints you can click the link below   https://www.—.com/al-helal/services/enquiry-feedback

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